Bow Details



- all rhinestones are high quality Austrian crystals which sparkle fantastically

- top quality Gutermann thread (from Germany) is used for extra durability

- many ribbons are imported from New York and Europe giving bows a unique flair

- bows are handmade as orders are received and elastics are sewn on at the last step so they are
100% fresh

- all bows are carefully shaped and professionally stiffened as orders are received

- you do not receive any "ready-made" bows. Once your order is received, fresh ribbon(s), embellishment(s), elastic(s) and/or barrette(s) are selected and your order is started from scratch.

- you always receive 100% newly made bows, each one carefully and specifically made for your order -
no samples, no old bows or on-hand stock, no refurbished returns.

- all bows are created with attention to detail and are checked over prior to packaging for any imperfections

- all bows are quality produced in my bow studio which is a non-smoking environment

- all bows are created by myself only, no delegating the job to others with less experience, so you are guaranteed to always receive the same, consistent top quality


- absolutely no glue is used

- all embellishments & bow adornments are securely and firmly attached by hand stitching with
top quality thread

- no wires in ribbons, ribbon edging or otherwise used for attachments

- no glitter (which could shake off & damage furbaby's eyes)

- no fur or feathers (which could damage furbaby's eyes or be ingested)

- bows are single loop, often created with multiple overlays and additional inner lining for extra durability and beauty

- elastics are securely sewn on just prior to shipping, so they are 'fresh'

- bow edges are treated to prevent fraying

- bow loops are carefully shaped and formed before stiffening and may feature an inner lining to strengthen the bow

- professional non-toxic bow stiffener is used (certified non-toxic by the Art and Creative Materials Institute)

- two coats of bow stiffener are applied by hand via brush to reach all areas of bow. This creates a very
stiff and more durable bow (unlike spray-on stiffeners which are faster to apply but may not create a bow as durable).

- each bow is individually (and gently) wrapped in tissue paper, further encased in tissue paper and
then placed in a box which is then placed in an envelope. All precautions are taken to ensure your bows arrive in excellent condition & uncrushed!


- 5/8" Dog Bows and 7/8" have 2 durable 5/16" elastics securely sewn on back, unless otherwise requested*.

*I will gladly accommodate special requests of different sized elastics. Also available are 1/4" elastics. Simply put a notation in the "comments" area of your order or contact me via email & I will modify your bows to the custom elastic size of your choice at no extra charge.


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